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  • Topic is in the health, wellness, or fitness niche
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  • Include images in your article
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We accept any guest post for the following:

  1. Health guest post (health news, healthy living, child health, etc)
  2. Wellness guest post (natural remedies, holistic medicine, family wellness, etc)
  3. Fitness guest post (exercise routines, equipment reviews, etc)

Submission Guidelines:

  • Shoot us a message using the Contact Us form below, if you are interested in guest posting on our wonderful website! You should introduce who you are and the fact that you agree to not plagiarize from other sources.
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  • You are allowed one dofollow link in your guest post. It can be in your author bio, or within the article body.
  • Your article must link to authority websites as references – you can’t just link to your own site, that is not right.
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